Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Celebrities and environment: Toronto Star article

Toronto Star:
More than ever, celebrities of all stripes are becoming environmentally active. But whether their motives are genuine or self-serving, most agree on one thing: it's about time...

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Monday, October 30, 2006

Kick the Oil Habit Hip Hop Road Tour

We're down with Seth Green look-alike MC Esher hip-hopping his way through Sin City, hypin' E85, and makin' fossil fuels history. After all, he "loves Halle Berry, not Halliburton" and says we gotta kick our oil habit 'cause "this sitch ain't workin'."

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Songs for EE in the News, October 11, 2006

Buena Vista Saves Earth
CMJ.com - USA
This fall, environmental nonprofit organization Artists' Project Earth (APE) will be raising ... Each song on the upcoming disc synergizes the sizzling Afro-Cuban ...

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Songs for EE in the News, October 3, 2006

A song about trees
Malaysia Star - Malaysia
IF ALL schools cared about environmental conservation the way SK Bukit Damansara (SKBD) does ... of SKBD performed in a short play based on a song entitled Tears of ...

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Songs for EE in US Congress?

Will Anti-Nuker John Hall Rock The Congress?
Scoop.co.nz (press release) - New Zealand
Rock Star and long-time environmental activist John Hall just won the Democratic primary in an ... As part of MUSE, Hall co-authored the song "Power," an anthem to ...

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

New reference

“Share the Music” Curriculum Grade 3 UNIT 1: Lesson 1 ...
Environmental song. • Objective: Create movements to demonstrate contrasting
sections. o Write down things that endanger the planet. o Share with class ...

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Songs for EE on the Web September 7, 2006

Bruce Cockburn: Telling the Truth About the Human Condition
E/The Environmental Magazine - Norwalk,CT,USA
... harder to write environmental songs? For me the process has to start with that emotional trigger that I talked about earlier. The new song "Beautiful Creatures ...

The new song "Beautiful Creatures ...Suit Filed Over Paradise Coal-fired Plant in Kentucky
For those who have been singing Prine's "Paradise" for years and may not know the origins...
Center for Biological Diversity (press release) - Tucson,AZ,USA... tore down Paradise, later memorialized in John Prine’s folk song by the same ... of tons of air pollutants each year that the US Environmental Protection Agency ...

Back To Cool (songs for EE, sort of...)
MTV and Campus Climate Challenge have partnered up to reward college and high-school students for efforts to fight global warming on campus. Tune into MTV this afternoon for details. Get the scoop in Gristmill. <http://gristmill.grist.org/story/2006/9/5/154754/2745?source=daily>

Dubai's Nature song gets heard loud and clear
Gulf News - Dubai,United Arab Emirates
Dubai: Organised by the Dubai Police, the Nature Surprises week managed to raise awareness in children about the environment that we live in, a statement by ...

Songs for EE in the News, September 6, 2006

Mostly about rockers and their environmental sympathies...
(Note that URLS are added as links for those who don't have html email).

Teaching Environmental Conservation: The Petronas Way
Bernama - Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia... In the early 1990s, pop star Zainal Abidin (http://www.zainalabidin.com/home.html) sang "Hijau" or literally, "Green", a big hit in the local music scene then.Yet it was more than a song. ... Our World programme will ensure the youngsters of today have the knowledge and understanding of the environmental issues that will ...

Rock's green days
USA Today - USA... Joan Jett is on stage belting out an anthemic song from her new album, singing ... dozens of rock bands are doing more than just singing about environmental causes ...

Live Review: Melissa Etheridge in TO
Showbiz - Canada... She talked about environmental responsibility and how she converted her tour buses to run on biodiesel, leading into I Need To Wake Up, the song she wrote for ...

The journey continues
Vail Daily News - Vail,CO,USA... In 1984, Cockburn produced the hit song, "If I Had a Rocket Launcher," with ... rock sound, and his political agenda was weighted toward environmental concerns, as ...

PR Inside (Pressemitteilung) - Wien,Austria... to write a song in celebration of eco-warriers Greenpeace. The track will be recorded on 9 September (06) at Sir in Hollywood, in honour of the environmental ...

Friday, September 01, 2006

Global warming and gerbils

From: Nancy Schimmel global warming and gerbils
Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2006 08:32:11 -0700

Inspired by this article from Grist (online environmental zine) Is It Frogs Next, or Locusts? Warmer climate could lead to increased bubonic plague Ever feel like we live in End Times? Well, you may be right. Apparently, in coming years we can expect more bubonic plague -- yes, plague, as in "bring out your dead!"

Researchers publishing in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that a rise of just 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit in the springtime temperature led to a 59 percent increase in plague prevalence (currently, up to 3,000 cases are reported each year around the world). The researchers focused their study in Kazakhstan, where the primary host of the plague is the great gerbil (no, really). The gerbils carry fleas, which carry the bacterium Yersinia pestis, which causes the plague, which gets transmitted to humans by the fleas. Yersinia likely triggered both the Black Death, which killed more than 20 million people in the Middle Ages, and a 19th century pandemic in Asia that killed tens of millions. Depressingly, both outbreaks occurred during warm, wet climatic periods. Hmm, warm, wet climate ... sounds familiar. If you need us, we'll be in the bunker, hiding from the gerbils.

I have written this parody:
Is It Frogs Next, or Locusts?
Tune: Traditional (She’ll Be Comin’ Round the Mountain)
New words by Nancy Schimmel

She’ll be coming out of Asia when she comes.
She’ll be coming out of Asia when she comes.
Oh she rides upon the gerbil And her wrath is something ter’ble,
She’ll be coming out of Asia when she comes.

Nobody wants to meet her when she comes.
Nobody wants to meet her when she comes.
Although we do expect ’er, The great gerbil is the vector,
Nobody wants to meet her when she comes.

She’ll be riding lots of fleases when she comes.
She’ll be riding lots of fleases when she comes.
Now the fleas like global warming, On the gerbils they are swarming,
She’ll be riding lots of fleases when she comes.

Once she decimated Europe, here she comes!
Then she decimated Asia, here she comes!
Well, she goes by many handles And there’s no use burning candles,
She’s iconic and bubonic, here she comes!

Sun, sun, shine on me, Sunbeam's warm and sunbeam's free. Put solar panels in your path, And I'll have sunshine in my bath... Sun Sun Shine and other recordings and books by Nancy Schimmel, Malvina Reynolds, Candy Forest and Fran Avni at www.sisterschoice.com Berkeley, California

Sun, sun, shine on me, Sunbeam's warm and sunbeam's free. Put solar panels in your path, And I'll have sunshine in my bath... Sun Sun Shine and other recordings and books by Nancy Schimmel, Malvina Reynolds, Candy Forest and Fran Avni at www.sisterschoice.com Berkeley, California

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Songs for EE on the Web, June 20, 2006

Clearwater Festival gently communicates conservation theme
The Journal News.com - Westchester,NY,USA
... as long as you are singing," said the 87-year-old Seeger, a key player in the environmental movement that ... "Pete brings the world together with song," said Cowen ...

Jon Pareles at the Bonnaroo Music Festival
New York Times - United States
... song "I Feel Just Like a Child." And he introduced a song he said ... It's an environmental statement; Bonnaroo is using biodiesel fuel and solar power (along with ...

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Songs for EE on the Web, June 13 2006

Kentucky.com - Lexington,KY,USA... So Williams took a cue from a song called Echoes, which teaches even the ... Many of the groups champion bipartisan environmental work, which has long been a ...

Clearwater revival harmonizes music with its purpose
Poughkeepsie Journal - Poughkeepsie,NY,USA... Workshops and panel discussions about pressing environmental issues like global warming will this ... doesn't delve with any depth into Seeger's use of song as a ...

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Celebrate Oceans Day June 8th!!!

WORLD OCEAN DAY June 8th!Celebrate World Ocean Day by participating in events and activities with aquariums, zoos, and museums. The Ocean Project Web site provides activities suggestions and a petition to the United Nations to officially designate World Ocean Day on June 8th each year. www.theoceanproject.org/news/oceanday.html

Oceans Day Canada
Canadian Wildlife Federation (CWF)

Department of Fisheries and Oceans site www.dfo-mpo.gc.ca/canwaters-eauxcan/events-evenements/oday-ojeux/index_e.asp

SEA STORIES JOURNAL ONLINE Blue Ocean Institute announces Sea Stories, a new online journal devoted to nurturing appreciation and concern for the world's oceans through writing, art, and conversation. The first issue features poetry, prose, photography, and painting from a wide variety of contributors. Submissions and sign up online.Contact: Steven Pavlos Holmes sholmes@blueocean.org http://www.seastories.org

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC TEACHER GRANTS Deadline: June 16, 2006The National Geographic Foundation gives grants of up to $5,000 each to help K-12 educators make a greater impact in their classroom, school, district, and/or community through innovative geography education projects.www.nationalgeographic.com/education/teacher_community/get_grant.html

REPORT ON GREEN SCHOOL GROUNDS & PHYSICAL ACTIVITY"Grounds for Action: Promoting Physical Activity through School Ground Greening in Canada" is a 2006 Evergreen report, presenting the findings of a national survey indicating that green school grounds enhance the quantity and quality of physical activity by increasing the range of enjoyable, non-competitive forms of play at school. http://www.evergreen.ca/en/lg/pdf/PHACreport.pdf

GOOD FOOD GOOD BUSINESS New video "Good Food, Good Business" from Arnold Creek Productions, Inc. features the hot topics of local and organic food and how new types of connections among growers, grocers, and chefs are driving market growth. http://www.arnoldcreekproductions.com/

LEARNING SCIENCE INTERACTIVES learningscience.org site offers free, high-quality Web interactives for the classroom in various areas of science studies listed by learning standards for grades K-4 and 5-12. Links to long and short interactive lesson plans, data collection, imaging, and more. http://www.learningscience.org/

STATE OF THE PLANET State of the Planet Web pages covers issues such as population, global warming, wetlands, and ecosystems based on the PBS video series "Journey to Planet Earth." Some other fascinating programs include "Land of Plenty, Land of Want" and "On the Brink."http://www.pbs.org/journeytoplanetearth/stateoftheplanet/index.html

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Songs for EE on the Web, May 17, 2006

[Editor's note: Sorry for the long period since the last posting...my source, Google Alerts, went AWOL for a while. Hey, who kenw that Louisiana has an official "environmental song"??]

Committee approves bill naming official Cajun poem
Shreveport Times - Shreveport,LA,USA... In addition to those songs, Louisiana has an official march song, "Louisiana My Home Sweet Home," and an official environmental song, "The Gifts of Earth ...

"Green Girl" by John Romano First Green Song To Hit Radio Charts
PR Web (press release) - Ferndale,WA,USA“Green Girl” by John Romano is the first song by the new crop of environment friendly artists to garner mainstream radio success. ...

Environmental Adventure Stirs Controversy on Big Screen Also
Voice of America - USAAn environmental adventure enjoyed as a book by millions of young people has been ... to respond to is that,(like Jimmy Buffett says in the song), sometimes the ...

Act Naturally
Washington Post - United States... Entertainers who will perform include Appalachian Andy and science song-and-dance man Billy B; and the environmental group Scales & Tales will be on hand with ...

Friday, April 07, 2006

College rockers for environmental awareness!

Songs for environmental education don't always have to be in the folk genre, aimed at the younger crowd!!

The barnstorming band that's changing the world, one campus at a time

Friday, March 03, 2006

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Earth Day ~ Linda Book's World of Music for Kids ~ Environmental Songs for Children

Earth Day ~ Linda Book's World of Music for Kids ~ Environmental Songs for Children

Another performer for the list.

Tuning into Nature: Songs and Activities About the Earth CD & Activity Book : Animal Songs : Science Songs : Songs for Teaching

Tuning into Nature: Songs and Activities About the Earth CD & Activity Book : Animal Songs : Science Songs : Songs for Teaching

Anybody have any experience on this resource?

River of Words

River of Words

River of Words’ mission is to educate children about the importance of water in their lives; we utilize the avenue of creative expression—the arts—to do that. Many kids, in urban and rural areas alike, are disconnected from the natural beauty and rhythms of their communities, but not so the children of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida.

Songs for EE on the Web, Feb, 23, 2006

Your comments welcome!

songs about the environment. environmental songs for children ...
We Can Save Our Planet- This is a collection of environmental songs and ecologymusic, designed by Emmy Award Winning composers for children and elementary ...

Women of the Grand Canyon
Arizona Daily Star - Tucson,AZ,USA...
My message is: Never, never give up on environmental issues ... Seduction: Rivers and Lovers, Canyons and Friends," will perform some of her eco-themed songs at the ...

"My Name Is Randy, And I'm Addicted To Oil.
"Willamette Week - Portland,OR,USA...
He spent his spare time writing songs, playing Risk and drinking beer into the ... His environmental attitudes and his job keeping the station on the air can be at ...

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Tom Chapin releases more environmental songs

Check out a review here: Two great CDs for the 8 to 10 set:
Tom's website: http://members.aol.com/chapinfo/tc/

From the text of this review..."But the one that reaches out and grabs me every time is 'Walk the World Now, Children.' It features Dan Zanes with New York's Pilgrim Baptist Choir and the press release calls it a 'moving environmental anthem' that 'feels like an old folk classic.' I couldn't agree more.The first verse sets the tone:
Walk the world now, children. Walk it now with me.
Walk the world now, children. Walk it now with me.
Walk the world now, children, treat it lovingly,
And the world will last forever and a day.

Other verses include 'drink the water, breathe the air, work the land' and follow the same lyrical format. "

Jack Johnson ``Curious'' Has EE Elements

I haven't heard it yet, but I was told by a teacher that the song "The Three R's" on this CD is great.

And, Jack Johnson donates 1% of proceeds from his record label to environmental groups through "1% for the Planet (1% FTP) ", and is inolved with environmental awareness activities in Hawaii. Read all about it at:

Jack Johnson ``Curious'' About #1; New CD Debuts #1 on Billboard Top 200 Chart and Johnson Honored at Brit Awards

Friday, February 03, 2006

Listening to the real "Earth Songs"

Here's an opportunity for kids to hear the natural music of the earth!

Our planet is a natural source of radio waves at audio frequencies. An online receiver at the Marshall Space Flight Center is playing these songs of Earth so anyone can listen....

Launched: Songs for Environmental Education BLOG!

So easy to set up a blog these days...why not one for posting news, opinions and tidbits about using music and song for environmental education? Here's the link: songs-for-ee.blogspot.com/. This blog supports the Songs-for-EE web site at www.geocities.com/envirosongs.

If you are already on the mailing list of the Yahoogroup called Songs-for-EE, you will automatically receive a notice every time there is a new posting at the blog.