Friday, October 23, 2009

Songs for EE News

Got Environmental Issues? The Next Generation's On It with Solutions-Oriented ...
Huffington Post (blog)
Aitan Grossman, the 12-year-old boy behind KidEarth, is doing what he can with something as simple as a song. Aitan says plainly, "I am a 12 year old boy ...
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 Epoch Times - School Kids hit Canberra for Climate Conference
Two thousand school children have converged on Canberra to take part in a three-day environmental conference. ... to debate climate change, 2000 school children from around the nation have converged on Canberra to take part in a three-day environmental conference. During the Murray Darling Basin River Authority's International River Health Conference, the kids will use drama, comedy, song, costumes and imagination to teach each other about ways to tackle climate change. ...
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Friday, October 09, 2009

Environment Canada - Wildlife and Landscape Science News - Summer 2009

Environment Canada - Wildlife and Landscape Science News - Summer 2009: "> Boreal Caribou Critical Habitat Science Review

Boreal Caribou | Photo: Elston DzusThe boreal population of the woodland caribou (also called boreal caribou) was assessed by COSEWIC as Threatened in May 2002. In accordance with the Species at Risk Act (SARA), the Minister of the Environment must prepare a recovery strategy that includes an identification of critical habitat to the extent possible. As part of the effort to identify critical habitat for this Threatened species Environment Canada published the Scientific Review for the Identification of Critical Habitat for Woodland Caribou, Boreal Population (Rangifer tarandus caribou) in Canada on the Species at Risk Public Registry.

Critical habitat identification for the boreal caribou is a multi-layered process that takes into account information at both small and large geographic scales as well as over different time periods. The Scientific Review provides a foundation for understanding whether local populations of boreal caribou are self-sustaining, and outlines an approach for critical habitat identification. However, the Scientific Review does not provide enough guidance to enable the identification of critical habitat under SARA. In particular, further information is being considered to understand the amount, type, and spatial distribution of disturbance that can occur within a local population range while maintaining a self-sustaining population.

The results of the Scientific Review, further scientific work, and knowledge of boreal caribou held by Aboriginal peoples, provincial and territorial governments, and other interested or affected parties, will be considered in order to inform the national recovery strategy for boreal caribou, including the identification of critical habitat.

The proposed national recovery strategy for boreal caribou will be posted on the Species at Risk Public Registry in the summer of 2011 for a 60-day public comment period.

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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Songs for EE News

Our "Beds Are Burning" Again, Thanks to Global Warming. Hear the ...
Daily Green
The reworked song is being released by Kofi Annan's Global Humanitarian Forum, with support from Melanie Laurent (star of Quentin Tarantino's Inglorious ...
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 Free Download by Samba Mapangala in Support of Endangered Mountain ...
But then the beat drops into a beautiful new melody and lyrics telling of the need to preserve the rare mountain gorillas and their fragile environment, and expressing gratitude to the park rangers who risk their lives daily to prevent ... WWF will use this music to reinforce its efforts in East Africa and Congo, especially in the Goma and Bukavu regions where years of war and turmoil have impacted the gorillas' habitat in the Virunga mountains, home to around half of the ...
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 Midnight oil gifts song lyrics to climate change campaign
ABC Online
The Federal Environment Minister, Peter Garrett, believes a cover of a Midnight Oil song will help build public support for a resolution on climate change. ...
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 New effort should be 'Backspaced'
The Daily Collegian Online
Even in the mid-2000s, the band made a conscious effort to write songs concerning environmental advocacy and governmental accountability. ...
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