Thursday, December 06, 2007

Lots of EE Songs in the news...a trend??

Song launched to fight climate change
Xinhua - China
... a popular musician who has had a long involvement in promoting environmental
issues in Indonesia. The song, which was also composed to raise awareness ...
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Eco-song aims for Christmas number one
Environmental Data Interactive - UK
An organisation that educates children about the environment is bidding to hit
the number one spot in the Christmas charts with a song encouraging people to ...
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Raffi sings to 'Child Honoring' tune
Yale Daily News - New Haven,CT,USA
... warming — for former vice president and environmental activist Al Gore
in Vancouver. Another song, "Count With Me," suggests assessing national progress ...
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Baba Brinkman Creates Musical Dialogue With Stephen Harper
ChartAttack - Toronto,Ontario,Canada
Brinkman describes the song as a "rap editorial on the authoritarian management
style and environmental recklessness of Canada's current prime minister," ...
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Bob Dylan Re-Records A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall
Undercover HD - New York,NY,USA
The exhibition will focus on conservation and environmental issues. Dylan
though original disputed the environmental message of the song once stating
that ...
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Students rap their way to national nomination; Two years on, a ...
Owen Sound Sun Times - Owen Sound,Ontario,Canada
Woodhouse sings the rap-influenced song about Justin Trudeau and David Suzuki's examination of environmental degradation along the Nahanni River. ...
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Otters swim over to Oak Park
Detroit Free Press - United States
At the beginning of the play, the actors and audience joined to sing a song
about the river: "There's only one river, there's only one sea. ...
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Former Midnight Oil rocker Garrett named Australia's environment ...
The Canadian Press -
A longtime environmental campaigner and advocate for Aboriginal rights, Garrett
made his first foray into politics with an unsuccessful bid for the Senate ...
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Featured Visual Artist
All About Jazz - Philadelphia,PA,USA
... surrounded by many nature parks, including the Environmental Protection
Area of Cairuu. His song "Green Heart" is a tribute to Brazil's Amazon Forest. ...
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Former Midnight Oil rocker named Australia's environment minister
Guardian Unlimited - UK
... a protest song about Aboriginal land rights in Australia. The band also used music
to register its anger about environmental issues, performing at the ...
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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Pete Seeger, songs for EE pioneer

Just breaking bread with longtime hero is fulfilling
Orlando Sentinel - Orlando,FL,USA
A folksinging legend of world renown, Seeger's persona is as closely
interwoven with social, environmental, political and labor concerns as it is
to his music ...
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Friday, September 14, 2007

APP.COM - Ask a question and you'll get many answers | Asbury Park Press Online



The birds were singing outside my window — so many of them. Their voices were strong, cutting into the silence. Looking out from my window, I suddenly thought, "Who put the song in a bird?" Once the question surfaced, I could not escape it. There were many other things to do that day, yet nothing seemed as important as this question, and that I share it with others.

My son is a science teacher. He was cleaning out the shed when I asked him what he thought. He hesitated and then responded. "I would say natural selection. One bird trying to attract its mate finds a way. It's his song."

It is a reasonable answer, I thought, but then another surfaced. My daughter was taking a walk on the boardwalk. She called me from her cell phone to chat. Instead, I asked, "Who put the song in a bird?" "It's their own uniqueness," she answered. "God put the song there to lift our spirits."

Ferida, a long-time friend, shared these thoughts when I asked her the question: "Joy put the song in a bird," she told me. "There was such a strong feeling of joy in the bird that he had to express himself so the first thing that came out was a song."

Seven-year-old grandson Ben thought birds copy us. "They learned to sing by listening to us sing," he told me with some authority.

Rosemarie was sitting on a nearby porch, crocheting. There were birds singing as we spoke. "God put a song in a bird so that we can each wake up to a song, even if it is just from a bird."

Granddaughter Jenny, 13, was sipping a cold glass of water when she thought about it. "When the human race is upset, we depend on animals to cheer us up. A bird's song brings smiles." And then she smiled thinking about it.

There were other answers. Mother Nature received credit also. Putting it this way, Bill, an e-mail friend, reported, "Mother Nature put the song in a bird so we could communicate. Ever whistle back at a bird? Invariably, it will return your version. It's up to your imagination to figure out what you are both talking about."

Why was one song different than another, some wondered in response. Others shrugged, sending me a look that suggested there was no answer. And I was quite silly searching for any.

But it was such an intriguing question I could think of nothing else all day. Just asking it brought me such delight. And excitement. As if I were on a journey with the destination yet unknown.

Certainly I had my own ideas about the singing birds. It was very clear when I fed them in the morning, when I heard their chatter and their constant chirping as they sat on telephone wires, as they flew past me, as they perched on my porch railings, as they filled the air with their sounds, that their songs were there to remind us that for some questions, there is not just one answer.

As there is not one song.

Interested in writing about a turning point in your life? If you would like us to consider your story for publication, send it to Ronna Sutow, Asbury Park Press, 3601 Highway 66, Box 1550, Neptune, NJ 07754; fax it to (732) 643-4015; or e-mail Please limit submissions to 1,000 words or fewer. Stories may be edited for length and content.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Songs for EE tidbits Sept 4 2007

'Wild man' speaks to audience through nature-centered music [2 ... (subscription) - Oklahoma City,OK,USA
Miller said he is first and foremost an environmental educator. "I try to help

audiences realize how much we depend on the natural world," he said. ...
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Sing Along Songs (Midis and Lyrics), NIEHS Kids' Pages
Sing-Along Songs (Midis and Lyrics) presented by the National Institute

of Environmental Health Sciences as a means of introducing kids to
science and ...

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Some envirosongs tidbits...

New Song Promotes Environmental Conservation In San Salvador
The Bahama Journal - Nassau,Bahamas
The Trust has released a new song titled, "Living Jewels of the Land, Sea and Sky,"
about the benefits of conserving the unique biodiversity of the island. ...

An Inconvenient Leo
Any film, book, magazine article, song, music festival, blog, lecture or

Various commentary on Hacken Lee's album - My Cup of Tea
By teddybear67
Hacken's cup of tea has Where Will The Flowers Fall as the first hit, a song about our
. He mentioned while he was promoting that he hopes to bring the
message across to listeners. The simplicity in the background music gives ...
Asian4Ever -
conversation that tries to raise
awareness on climate change has to overcome the ...

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Aussie guitarist John Butler on nukes, dickheads, and common sense | By Sarah van Schagen | Grist | Grist Feature | 14 Aug 2007

Aussie guitarist John Butler on nukes, dickheads, and common sense | By Sarah van Schagen | Grist | Grist Feature | 14 Aug 2007:
"For the record, John Butler hates the word 'environmentalism.' Actually, he's sick of all the '-isms.' The Australian jam-band musician is more interested in the interconnectedness of problems, in why humans do the things we do. 'Lack of love, or hope, or opportunity,' he says, 'are the core problems that end up, down the road, becoming environmental or human-rights issues.'"

Friday, August 10, 2007

Teaching Science through Song - science and environmental education supplies for teachers, outdoor educators

Teaching Science through Song - science and environmental education supplies for teachers, outdoor educators:
"Over the years, Acorn Naturalists has distributed the music of recording artists who specialize in music that relates to science, nature and the environment. Included are nature songs, environmental music and outdoor education songs from many musicians, including Billy B Brennan, The Banana Slugs, JP Taylor, Stan Slaughter, Bunjee Jumping Cows, Chris Rowlands, David Stokes, Ken Lonquist, JP Taylor, Jon Sherman, Lucas Miller, Michael Caduto, Steve Schuch, Strollin' Jeff Wollin and more."

Environmental Songs

Environmental Songs:
These are songs (and CDs) that have been featured on Grinning Planet as 'Songs for a Better Planet.' All are listed below in alphabetical order by artist. Most are environmental songs; some are just related to environmental issues. Links are available for a CD review and lyrics for each environmental song."

from Grinning Planet: Saving the Planet One Joke at a Time

Nature Songs About Environmental Concerns, Conservation & Alternative Energy Sources

Nature Songs About Environmental Concerns, Conservation & Alternative Energy Sources:
"Earth Songs About Nature, Environmental Concerns Conservation and Alternative Sources of Energy"

from Songs for Teaching
Using Music to Promote Learning

Instant Survey: The Best Environmental Pop Song (TreeHugger)

Instant Survey: The Best Environmental Pop Song (TreeHugger):
"Instant Survey: The Best Environmental Pop Song

Friday, July 27, 2007

More snippets

Global warming - the musical
Toronto Star - Ontario, Canada
Green is an innocent, well-intentioned man who sets out on a journey like Luke Skywalker, says actor Fabrizio Filippo, on break from a love song number that ... "Environmental Songs (suggestions please?)"
A list of products including, Where We Live: Stand for What You Stand On: A Benefit CD for EarthJustice, The Joshua Tree, Cosmic Thing, 20000 Watts RSL: ...
[surely we could add to this list?]

Note there is no Live Earth links here...comments anyone?

Songs for EE snippets

The Childrens' Revolution at the Camp for Climate Action
Indymedia UK - UK
"Without this world there would be no dance, there would be no song... "Shoulder to shoulder we must stand up strong. "Let's take our Earth back to where ...

Mother Earth can't live without a Solartopian vision
Columbus Free Press - Columbus,OH,USA
In humble synch with Mother Earth and all her children, Solartopia is the 21st Century vision of our necessary future. Pete Seeger has written a song for ...

Nature makes a comeback
Boston Globe - United States
One recent evening, as sparks crackled and flames shot into the pink twilight, they sang a song about a "crazy moose" who "drank a lot of juice," cheered ...

She writes songs in the key of life
Detroit Free Press - United States
She has performed her trademark tune, "Mother Earth," in festivals, cafés, churches and folk music clubs throughout the state. From the song's opening lines ...

Maya: I was taught to respect nature
Malaysia Star - Malaysia
Maya will perform a brand new song, Di Gelap Mentari, composed by Audi Mok, which is also the theme song for her new upcoming movie Anak Halal. ...

Live Earth Makes Going Green Global
Forbes - NY,USA
The band didn't make any environmental statements during its five-song set, but that didn't seem to matter to its cheering fans. The former vice president ...
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Group against 'paving paradise' - Parry Sound,Ontario,Canada
The group has taken singer Joni Mitchell's lyrics from her Big Yellow Taxi song "They paved paradise and put up a parking lot" as their slogan and plan to ...
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Green Rock
By Brad
Cloud Cult is the brainchild of one man, Craig Minowa, an environmental scientist, record label owner and incredible musician. The music he makes is equal parts black despair and childlike wonder. It's deeply affected by the unexplained ...

Armageddon? Nothing a sing-song can't solve
Scotsman - United Kingdom
Who could fail to be inspired by Live Earth? Inspired to feel that the planet dying might not be such a bad thing. I watched Joss Stone considering for the ...

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Ideal team wins Unesco's Gulf music contest

Ideal team wins Unesco's Gulf music contest
Gulf Times - Doha,Qatar
... for the group song contest with the theme 'Water,' and conducted as part
of Unesco's programme to create environmental awareness among the youth. ...
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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Live Earth Concert - South Africa

Spanning the globe, there will be more than 1 million audience members at the
Live Earth concerts, and more than 2 billion viewers worldwide. With the
current range of performers, the Live Earth concerts are sure to reach massive ...
Explore South Africa -

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Free Climate Change Posters ---ORDER NOW!

The Government of Canada through C-CIARN (Canadian-Climate Impacts and Adaptation Research Network) has created a set of five posters (in French and English) describing how Canadians can adapt to living in a changing climate. These will be available in July 2007.

Each one represents a different sector of Canadian life: Agriculture, Coastal Zones, Forests, Health, and Water Resources. The high quality posters (26" x 39") are designed to appeal to a general audience. If interested, send a reply email with the order form below filled in and return no later than May 31/07.

Please pass on this announcement to anyone else you think might be interested in having these posters. If you have further questions, contact:

Dr. Ellen Wall []
Co-ordinator, C-CIARN Agriculture
Canadian Climate Impacts and Adaptation Research Network for Agriculture
Blackwood Hall (Room 202)
University of Guelph
Guelph, Ontario, Canada N1G 2W1

Phone: 519 824 4120 ext 58480
Fax: 519 763 4686

Send orders to:
Mireille Lapensée [] Co-ordinator Assistant, C-CIARN Agriculture (Canadian Climate Impacts and Adaptation Research Network for Agriculture) Blackwood Hall (Room 202) University of Guelph Guelph, Ontario, Canada N1G 2W1

=== === === === === ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== ==== CLIMATE CHANGE POSTER ORDER FORM


Agriculture: ____ # of English posters
Agriculture: ____ # of French posters

Coastal Zones: ____ # of English posters Coastal Zones: ____ # of French posters

Forests: ____ # of English posters
Forests: ____ # of French posters

Health: ____ # of English posters
Health: ____ # of French posters

Water Resources: ____ # of English posters Water Resources: ____ # of French posters

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Ramiro Burr: climate change song

Ramiro Burr: Rubio CD rocks more, shifts styles
San Antonio Express - San Antonio,TX,USA
Rubio raises the environmental flag on "Ayudame," a bubbly pop-rock song on which she pleads for help in reducing world climate change. ...

Friday, May 18, 2007

From Grist: Madonna environment song

Madonna releases single to support Live Earth climate efforts

What is it about climate change that makes music ... suck? First we had Melissa Etheridge's "I Need to Wake Up," the earnest, Oscar-winning "Inconvenient Truth" anthem. Now we have Madonna's "Hey You," a somnolent single released this week in conjunction with Live Earth, the continents-spanning climate-awareness concerts planned for 7/7/07. While we can't complain about our favorite virgin's intentions -- the single is downloadable for free for a week, and Microsoft is donating 25 cents for each of the first million downloads to the Alliance for Climate Protection -- we can complain about her music. Because its vapid lyrics and "stripped-down, folksy" style suuuuck. Still, Live Earth's Kevin Wall called the release of the ballad, which Madge will perform at the London concert, "an incredible boost to our efforts to get people engaged in the environmental cause." And you should go download it! To support climate relief! Plus you might love it! In which case, ignore everything else we just said.

straight to the source: Reuters, 18 May 2007

straight to the source: E! Online, Sarah Hall, 17 May 2007

see also, in Gristmill: The latest Live Earth news

straight to the song: Free download of "Hey You"


Also in GRIST:

God of Small Things. An interview with underground foodie hero Sandor Katz.

Murdoch, She Wrote. An interview with Rupert Murdoch about News Corp.'s new climate strategy.

Lady, Bugged. Umbra advises on fighting pests with pests.


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Friday, May 11, 2007

Download a free copy of Green Teacher magazine!

Download a free copy of Green Teacher magazine!

To celebrate the launch of an electronic edition of Green Teacher, we invite you to download a free copy of the Winter 2006-2007 edition of our non-profit magazine. Please share the following website URL (address) with your friends and colleagues.

(Please note that this issue can be freely downloaded until July 1st, 2007.)

Initially, we created an online edition to better serve our overseas readers, who could receive Green Teacher earlier and pay less than subscribers to the print version. But many readers in Canada and the United States have told us that they prefer the electronic edition because each issue is searchable and the hot-links provide readers with quick access to additional information about a topic or new educational resources mentioned in that issue. So we’ve also decided to offer dual subscriptions, so that readers can enjoy the advantages of both versions for a few dollars more.

As a small non-profit, we ask that you encourage your friends and colleagues to subscribe so that we can continue to publish Green Teacher. For ordering details about online, print or dual subscriptions, please visit

Now, here is a summary of what you will find in Green Teacher 80, our Winter 2006-07 edition.

The Start of Something Big: Environmental Education in China
China faces enormous environmental challenges, but until recently most environmental education initiatives were organized by governments and were intended more for publicity than educational purposes. In the last few years, non-profit organizations have seized the opportunity to develop many successful educational programs that offer a glimmer of hope for China and for the world. Australia’s Jane Sayers describes several of these programs and their impact.

Last Child in the Woods? Treating nature-deficit disorder at a high school winter camp
full-immersion winter camp in Canada's far north provides an life-changing experience with the elements and has a positive resonance with the wider community. Claude Doucette, David Kowalewski and Peggy Ransom describe the week-long camp and argue that outdoor education needs to expose young people to our harshest weather in order to develop a respect and enthusiasm for spending time in the natural world.

Making It Up As We Go Along

Tricia Edgar describes the role of pretend games in early environmental education and many of her favourite activities.

Getting Fresh with Farm-to-School Programs

By making direct connections between growers and schools, farm-to-school programs provide local markets for family farmers and healthier food choices for schoolchildren. Marion Kalb explores how these programs work best and introduces us to state-wide initiatives in Wisconsin, New York and Pennsylvania.

Social Justice and Language Arts
Christopher Greenslate shows how the language arts curriculum offers unlimited opportunities for teachers and students to make connections with current social and global issues.

Discovering Lake Management: Getting Students' Feet Wet
Teaching about lake management is an exciting way of getting students interested in the environment. Matthew Opdyke provides hands-on opportunities for students of all ages to learn about the biology and chemistry of lakes.

Growing Art in School Gardens
Hilary Inwood describes how school gardens can provide the inspiration, supply cupboard, and exhibition space for students' art.

And here is a list of educational resources that are reviewed in the Resources section of the Winter issue:

Cultivating Compassion (curriculum books & DVD)
Adbusters Media Empowerment Kit (includes binder, poster & DVD)
Birdsong and Coffee (DVD)
Great Lakes in my World (large paperback, K-8)
Change the World for Ten Bucks (pb)
Global Kidz Curriculum (Grades 4-5 curriculum binder)

The Goat Lady (hardcover children’s book)
What Do Roots Do? (hardcover book)
Professor Noggin's Life in the Ocean card game
Operation Thistle: Seeds of Despair (Grades 6-8 curriculum binder)
Mouse in a Meadow (hardcover children’s book)
On The Day You Were Born (hardcover children’s book)
Dig Your Hands in the Dirt (paperback)
A Mind with Wings (hardcover children’s book)
Animal Rescue series (paperback books)
Super Size Me (DVD w Grades 6-12 curriculum)

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Songs for EE in the News, May 2007

Earth Day Venture Turns Green With Synergy
Newindpress on Sunday - India
Exactly how Dave Stewart, co-founder of the 1980s pop supergroup the
Eurythmics, came to launch a new multimedia venture with the
environmental crusaders of ...
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Environmental Month winners proclaimed
Saipan Tribune - Saipan,Northern Mariana Islands,Micronesia
Logo Contest winners were: Grace Christian Academy's
Charis Lopez, first place; Saipan Community School's So Jung Song,
second place; and MCS Ann Gelica ...
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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Creative Action, Environment and Youth

Check out this page for some action ideas, quick facts and more...great lesson plans too, if you need to convey some environmental concepts!!

Creative Action

World's Youth in Concert for Global Healing

Earth Day, April 22, 2007
Reverence for Life - Music for Life is planning a global wave of music with the Global Youth Service Days and the Earth Day Network. More than 20 concerts and events are confirmed on six continents.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Interactive IPY event for all!

Celebrate the International Polar Year and join us for Live from IPY with the BEST Expedition in the Arctic!

Interact with PolarTREC teacher Maggie Prevenas and science educator Robyn Staup live from the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter, Healy, from someplace in the Bering Sea! Ask questions and view photos! Anyone can register for these events and participation is free!

For more information about the BEST expedition or to register for live events, visit

Or contact Katie Breen or Janet Warburton or call the Arctic Research Consortium of the United States (ARCUS) at 907-474-1600

Live Event Information
You may register for live events below at:

There are two upcoming events:

Event 1: Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Time: 12:30 p.m. Alaska Daylight Time (10:30 a.m. HDT; 1:30PM PDT; 2:30 p.m. MDT; 3:30 p.m. CDT; 4:30 p.m EDT).

Duration: ~ 45 minutes

Event 2: Thursday, 26 April 2007

Time: 12:30 p.m. Alaska Daylight Time (10:30 a.m. HDT; 1:30PM PDT; 2:30 p.m. MDT; 3:30 p.m. CDT; 4:30 p.m EDT).

Duration: ~ 45 minutes

For these events, we will be using the webinar interface, HorizonWimba, which allows presentation of PowerPoint slides over the Internet during a conference call, and includes other useful functions such as online chat and polling features. To take full advantage of the webinar you will need telephone and Internet access. If you do not have Internet access, however, you can simply join the conference call.

The webinars will be archived online after the completion of the live sessions. Instructions on how to view an archived events will be posted on the PolarTREC website and emailed to all registered participants.

For more information, contact Katie Breen or Janet Warburton or calling the Arctic Research Consortium of the United States (ARCUS) at 907-474-16

Fill planet earthwith music (Asia)

Fill planet earth with music - Los Angeles,CA,USA
This must be the message behind all the feverish preparations for Earth
Day 2007 by nongovernment and government organizations.
It will be a heady mixture ...

Monday, February 12, 2007

Bill McKibben weighs in on songs for EE

Introducing a brand-new, mass-protest climate movement for 2007 | Grist | Dispatches | 08 Jan 2007

A lot of songs have their own movements -- you know, like "Vogue" and "YMCA." But as writer Bill McKibben explains, every movement also needs its songs. The civil-rights movement had "We Shall Overcome," the labor movement had "Union Maids" and "Sixteen Tons," and climate activists have, well ... Musicians United to Save our Environment, an organization that's calling on artists to belt out tunes about global warming. Some have even answered the call. In his latest dispatch from the front lines of the Step It Up 2007 campaign, McKibben croons about the importance of music in activist movements, noting why climate activism is no exception.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Global warming: #2 on the pop charts | Gristmill: The environmental news blog | Grist

Global warming: #2 on the pop charts | Gristmill: The environmental news blog | Grist

Some more commentary about pop music from Kit Stolz.

Some envirosongs tidbits...

Enviro Songs of the Year 2006
By Kit Stolz
Is there such a thing as environmental music, or nature music? ... This method describes perfectly the best environmental music of last year, which I think was ... unfortunately, but know that this song has become something of a hit on ...
A Change in the Wind -

Music and Lyrics World Premiere to Benefit NRDC
Business Wire (press release) - San Francisco,CA,USA
NRDC is the nation's most effective environmental action organization. They use law, science and the support of 1.2 million members and online activists to ...

Rock legend JIM MORRISON is helping the fight against global warming from beyond the grave, with the release of a song he wrote. Environmental campaigners ...

Friday, February 02, 2007

The MUSE Campaign: Write a Climate Change Song

The MUSE Campaign: "Calling all Musicians
If every musician writes a song about global warming the world will listen.
Add your unique voice to musicians all over the world who are writing songs about global warming, the environment, and preventing a climate catastrophe."

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Dutch artists contribute to Greenpeace, Dutch News, The Netherlands, Holland, Expatica

Dutch artists contribute to Greenpeace, Dutch News, The Netherlands, Holland, Expatica

The artists will be writing a new song or making a new version of an existing song for Greenpeace Music to highlight environmental issues. ...

Friday, January 26, 2007

Environmental Songs

Environmental Songs

Here's another interesting list. The environmental connections are a bit tenous on some of these songs though...

Environmental songs - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Category:Environmental songs - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Hey Songs-for-EE folks: Here's your chance to be a Wikipedia contributor...more to be added for sure!