Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Songs for EE in the News (Jan 13 09)

Trinidad & Tobago Express
Machel beats heavenly drums
Trinidad & Tobago Express - Port-of-Spain,Trinidad and Tobago
A multimedia promotional campaign for the book and the event will soon begin appearing, even as Montano prepares to launch an environmental awareness ...
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Music and message matter to Amber Darland
Bellingham Herald - Bellingham,WA,USA
And as I gained more knowledge about social and environmental issues, my passions grew deeper. I started paying attention to where my food and other ...
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Friday, January 09, 2009

From a social marketing listserv...

I was wondering if anyone had any creative ways of tying in sustainability into lesson plans for fine arts, specifically music. The target audience is elementary aged students.



Hi Susanne, Check out the Voices of Nature Elementary School Program "Cycle of Life" at http://www.cycleoflife.ca/

Alex Ferguson school here in Calgary Alberta created a CD last year titled "Pitch to the Planet". The kids worked with Calgary musician Kris Demeanor to develop the lyrics and create the CD. I was lucky enough to be at their CD release party, which was amazing!


Susanne: I know that Raffi, the Canadian children's musician, is passionate about sustainability issues and has some resources on his website, including relevant songs: http://www.raffinews.com/sustainability/raffi http://www.raffinews.com/sustainability/cool-it (his song about climate change)

A friend who teaches kindergarten also recommends the resources at this 'Songs for Environmental Education' website: http://www.geocities.com/envirosongs/

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Songs for EE in the News (January 08)

Roger Tincknell - Music for all Ages
EARTH RHYTHMS is the result of many years of singing, writing, and collecting songs about environmental issues. I have always been amazed by young ...

Enviro song of the year (2008) | Gristmill: The environmental news ...
Hynde has been singing about environmental themes for decades (remember My City Was Gone?) But the title song off the new album, which sounds to me like a ...
What song would be good for an environmental type powerpoint ...
My class is doing a powerpoint to raise awareness …

When the Call of the Wild Is Nothing but the Phone in Your Pocket
New York Times - United States
... tens of thousands of phones howl, hoot, trill, screech, croak or emit the haunting song of whales. The Center for Biological Diversity, an environmental ...
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