Monday, September 22, 2008

Songs for EE (pop influence) (Sept 22)

Band tours via bike
Wesleyan Argus - Middletown,CT,USA
The Ginger Ninjas’ songs all deal with environmental or political causes, or the theme of liberating oneself from society’s constraints. ...
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9/18/08 - Denver, CO - "WALK MORE SOFTLY" is the dynamic new single from 1970s hit-makers FIREFALL, an environmental 'green' song with a humble message of ...
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The Star-Ledger -
Guitarist Stanley Jordan offers music therapy for people and the ...
The Star-Ledger - - Newark,NJ,USA
With it, Jordan hopes to raise awareness of environmental issues. "We need to expand, in terms of our circle of care," he says. "Instead of just thinking ...
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The Duhks Unlimited by Worldly Musical Influences - Nashville,TN,USA
Not surprisingly, the band is also interested in conservation and launched an environmental sustainability project at, to counteract their ...
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Friday, September 19, 2008

Al Gore sings “How on Earth”? — A climate song gathers steam in a warming world

Al Gore Changes Tune

September 11, 2008

al goreAl Gore sings “How on Earth”? — A climate song gathers steam in a warming world

By Dan Bloom

BOSTON, MASS (RUSHPRNEWS) 9/11/2008– — When the Texan producers of a global warming protest song titled “How on Earth” went looking for a singer to perform the moving ballad online, they found someone who sounds very much like Al Gore.

He agreed to perform the song in a quiet studio and make the recording available free of charge online, worldwide. Listen to the voice and judge for yourself. It might even be Al Gore himself.
“How on Earth” is a song to try to wake people up to the dire future that might lie in store for humankind if CO2 emissions are not cut worldwide soon.

Time is running out; no, time has already run out, some experts say. We need action now. So this song, partly sung and partly spoken, is alarm bell set to a quiet melody that just might wake more people up. It is currently online in France on a music share site, and here is the link:

Did the planet get this way?


Did we mess up this way?


Are we gonna find the way?


Are we gonna reach that day? ….”

“How on Earth” isn’t the only song reaching out to climate activists.

At a recent climate rally in New York state, American folksinger Pete Seger sang “My Rainbow Race,” his popular 1967 song that has also become something of an anthem for climate campaigners because the lyrics speak of the atmosphere and oceans as shared resources.

The song begins:”One blue sky above us, One ocean lapping all our shores,

One Earth so green and round, Who could ask for more? ”

The lyrics also, in classic Pete Seeger fashion, toss a dart at those people, maybe government officials, maybe corporate honchos, impeding change:

“Some folks want to be like an ostrich,

Bury their heads in the sand.

Some hope that plastic dreams

Can unclench all those greedy hands.

And Seger’s song also speaks of intergenerational obligations

“Go tell, go tell all the little children.

Tell all their mothers and fathers, too - Now’s our last chance to learn to share What’s been given to me and you.

Give it a listen, too, after you hear Al Gore’s singing “How on Earth”.


About the author:

Dan Bloom is a Rush PR News political and environmental news columnist/reporter and a freelance writer from Boston, who has been based in Asia since 1991. He graduated from Tufts University in 1971 and has worked in media, public relations and education in several countries. He is currently doing research on climate change and global warming as the founder of the Polar Cities Research Institute. His email is:

Monday, September 15, 2008

Songs for EE in the News (Sept 15)

Hymn a reminder of interdependence
In-Forum - Fargo,ND,USA
I, too, like the hymn “This is My Song,” which reminds me to strive for humility and to remember our interdependence with all creatures of this, our Earth.
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Pete Seeger, The Original Green Troubadour, Still Fighting For ... - New York,NY,USA
... who has spent his entire career fighting for the environment, continues to spread the message of ecological responsibility through song and action. ...
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Calexico's School of Philosophy
All About Jazz - Philadelphia,PA,USA
As Burns points out, the environment, particularly, “is a theme that's always run through our work since 1996 when we started putting out songs. ...
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Song of the Day
By Robert Rouse
From 1970, George Harrison Give Me Love (Give Me Peace on Earth) Have a suggestion for a social, political, or environmental song for this feature? Tell me. [See post to listen to audio]. Share/Save/Bookmark.
Left of Centrist -

Ottawa Citizen - Ontario, Canada
... Sacks. the McGill prof draws from multiple wells of reference and recollection in The World in Six Songs: How the Musical Brain Created Human Nature. ...
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