Friday, July 27, 2007

Songs for EE snippets

The Childrens' Revolution at the Camp for Climate Action
Indymedia UK - UK
"Without this world there would be no dance, there would be no song... "Shoulder to shoulder we must stand up strong. "Let's take our Earth back to where ...

Mother Earth can't live without a Solartopian vision
Columbus Free Press - Columbus,OH,USA
In humble synch with Mother Earth and all her children, Solartopia is the 21st Century vision of our necessary future. Pete Seeger has written a song for ...

Nature makes a comeback
Boston Globe - United States
One recent evening, as sparks crackled and flames shot into the pink twilight, they sang a song about a "crazy moose" who "drank a lot of juice," cheered ...

She writes songs in the key of life
Detroit Free Press - United States
She has performed her trademark tune, "Mother Earth," in festivals, caf├ęs, churches and folk music clubs throughout the state. From the song's opening lines ...

Maya: I was taught to respect nature
Malaysia Star - Malaysia
Maya will perform a brand new song, Di Gelap Mentari, composed by Audi Mok, which is also the theme song for her new upcoming movie Anak Halal. ...

Live Earth Makes Going Green Global
Forbes - NY,USA
The band didn't make any environmental statements during its five-song set, but that didn't seem to matter to its cheering fans. The former vice president ...
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Group against 'paving paradise' - Parry Sound,Ontario,Canada
The group has taken singer Joni Mitchell's lyrics from her Big Yellow Taxi song "They paved paradise and put up a parking lot" as their slogan and plan to ...
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Green Rock
By Brad
Cloud Cult is the brainchild of one man, Craig Minowa, an environmental scientist, record label owner and incredible musician. The music he makes is equal parts black despair and childlike wonder. It's deeply affected by the unexplained ...

Armageddon? Nothing a sing-song can't solve
Scotsman - United Kingdom
Who could fail to be inspired by Live Earth? Inspired to feel that the planet dying might not be such a bad thing. I watched Joss Stone considering for the ...

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