Monday, June 30, 2008

Songs for EE in the News, June 2008

Musical star-power unites for Algonquin cause
Kingston This Week - Ontario, Canada
The music comes from a deep commitment to aboriginal rights, social justice and environmental protection. A number of artists wrote songs specifically for ...

Al Gore Fights King Cole With Song
National Post - Toronto,Ontario,Canada
Having tried, he tells us, to get his point across by every other available means, he has finally settled on "the most powerful weapon on Earth:musical ...
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The minister of culture will see you now
San Diego Union Tribune - United States
A member of the Green Party since the early 1990s, Gil has written many songs about the environment and participated in global meetings about conservation. ...

Kids get friendly with the environment
London Free Press - Canada
By KATHY RUMLESKI Chanting "We will, we will recycle" to the tune of Queen's catchy rock song, about 300 kids watched and heard how cool recycling can be. ...
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Earth Music - Various Artists
By Bob, Brisbane, Australia(Bob, Brisbane, Australia)
Australian artists to be part of the Earth Music Trust, to raise funds for Greening Australia. All Artists donated their times and potential royalties to the project and many of the song writers and publishers as well. ...
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Book Review: This Is Your Brain On Music | North Dakota News
Reiten Television KXMB Bismarck - Bismarck,ND,USA
The book is occasionally a little "heady" but then you'll flip the page and he'll bring it all back down to earth by using some Paula Abdul song, ...

MUSIC: Eco-Elvis "Earth Day Rock" from 'Burnin' Globe' (Matt ...
Living on the Earth - Cambridge,MA,USA
RIGGS: Actually, it's – well like with the song "I Reduce, I Reuse, I Recycle," it's kind of a, a phrasing thing. You know it's like, "I Want You, ...
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Celebrate world environment day with song of the earth
India - Mumbay,India
Animal Planet, in its special eight-hour long programme line-up, Song of the Earth: Celebrating World Environment Day will address these critical issues and ...
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Saving The World With A Song
Torontoist - Ontario, Canada
With news of environmental disaster a daily reality, artistic response on the topic couldn’t be more timely. But instead of poe-faced polemics and dour ...
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Who says climate change isn't funny?
Globe and Mail - Canada
Together, they plan to stop Powers by posting an inspirational song on MyFaceTube. An environmental-themed musical about a young rebel falling for the ...

The Waybacks: Loaded, Album Review
By MusicAndArtsBlog(MusicAndArtsBlog)
“Nice to be Alone” is a classic pop song without any hints that the band playing might have been a called a bluegrass band. “Beyond the
Northwest Passage” is a sea shanty Celtic tune, which critiques environmental degradation in a salty ...

Children parade through Basseterre to save planet - Basseterre,St. Kitts and Nevis
I heard the Cayon group even chanted their own song to go along with the theme,” said Francis. “Our department has often targeted high schools, ...
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Clearwater announces film competition finalists
Lower Hudson Journal news - West Harrison,NY,USA
The films are mostly music videos - bluesy calls for environmental action and folksy odes to

Faith leaders: People ready to change lifestyles
Salisbury Post - Salisbury,NC,USA
Sleeth said he recently spoke to 2000 elementary students at a school assembly in
California, during which they sang several environmental songs with the ...
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