Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Action required: We're losing our webhost !

Hey Songs-for-EE folks... looks like our long-standing web host, GeoCities, is going out of business on October 2. What next?

We need a new place to park our site--one ideally that is free and flexible. Know of other similar services?

However, I think this creates an opportune time to modernize the look (and content??) of our out-of-date pages..and breathe some new life into this organization we call Songs for Environmental Education. Admittedly, the interface with GeoCities was a bit clunky.

The site gets steady traffic, and anecdotally that it provides valuable info to visitors.

Ideas? Volunteers? How can we make this site/blog/network of maximum value?

I've changed the settings (temporarily) on this email list so that reply-to goes to the entire group. Looking forward to your input...


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